Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My iPad 3 Predication

The iPad is an amazing device and is making waves all over the world. Regardless though, anyone who has tried to use it to do real work, I mean real productive work, would much the sooner begin to notice a limitation.

The limitation

The iPad's biggest short-coming (compared to the fully-fledged counterparts), the thing that hold it behind, the bridge it needs to cross to join the PC club is ... lack of a real tactile keyboard, something that you can actually rest your fingers on and type. This is the reason why many most people unfairly call the iPad a media consuming device (as against media producing devices).

The Non-solutions

Much as you can tote along a bluetooth keyboard or get some of the bluetooth solutions like the Kensington's where a keyboard is part of the iPad cover system, the iPad philosophy forbids either of those solutions because of the addition to bulk and compromise on mobility. Meaning: Apple would never adopt those as a solution to that problem.

The Solution

So, here's how I believe Apple is solving that problem, and they are solving it in the next release: Apple will transform the SmartCover into a tactile device. There, simple and short! The iPad will come with some thin, light detachable device that will, in addition to serving as a cover and stand, will have tactile key functionality.

The Future

In the future, beyond the next release, Apple will get rid of the cover keyboard and do a software solution such that your fingers can rest on the touch screen and not register a type until you negotiate a tap-lift, all managed in software.

How do I know, you ask? Let's just say ... I have a gift.