Thursday, September 27, 2007

Opening Comments

I am very delighted to welcome you to new DotNet();, a blog site designed precisely for new coders in mind. The whole idea is that someone who knows nothing about programming can come to this site and get lots of help to start programming the computer. I will be focusing on the .NET Framework and on C# development particularly. I choose C# because it is my favorite programming language and is easy and fun to program in.
The motivation for this effort is that most blog sites on the Internet today are pitched too high for the beginner. And there are concepts that new programmers find difficult to grasp which I hope to give a fresh, whimsical approach hoping that it clicks.
I will start this site by writing a series of introductory programming lessons. In addition, I will be happy to answer beginner-type questions and entertain comments. Sometimes, I may post some comments of my own.
If you are an experienced user, there are two ways you can contribute: (a) you can direct brand new coders to this site, and (b) you may revisit this site from time to time.The comments you contribute will help enrich the viewpoints. Who knows, you may even find some nuggets for yourself as well.
So, come with me. It's going to be fun.


  1. This is exactly what I need. You are my hero, PITA.O. I will keep checking back.

  2. WOOHOO!!
    Glad to see you're moving forward with this vision!

  3. Thanks, jh & smoothale. Imagine what I can achieve when am encouraged like this. I plan on going to PDC 2008. I hope to move forward on the blogging there and perhaps get into the habit when am back.


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