Sunday, March 18, 2012

iPad Review: after 48 hours

This review follows and compliments my first impressions which was published in the first hour of the new iPad's arrival.

The difference in screen resolution is stunning. A way to explain why some revivers on the Net do not see it so much is: if they upgraded from iPad 2 and hence are still using low resolution backgrounds; if they are viewing apps that are not yet upgraded to Retina, if they need glasses (not meant as a joke). It actually makes text so sharp and crispier to read, albeit thinner.

I did not notice performance changes to native apps and am not expecting any, since the iPad 2 was zippy enough for my needs. I, however, notice faster page loads with browsers on wifi.

Surely, my fingers could feel the bulk and weight differences. Some people are better at tactile discrimination than others, so others may have different experiences.

I'm a bit disappointed with the 1080p video output. It looks just like my iPad 2 used to for good HD 720p video. I haven't tested Bluetooth on a Bluetooth 4-compliant accessory nor 4G cellular data but I expect the later to come through as advertised.

Video and photo certainly look great. Not as good looking as iPhone 4S but way better than iPad 2. It may not be my choice camera but it's nice to know that the photo will be nice enough if and when it's taken with the iPad.

Overall, this is still a fantastic upgrade even from iPad 2.


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